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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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anything else you would like to bring up director heinicke? >> thank you let me just start by complimenting the industry. it's not lost on us that this is a tough time for you all and and i think it's important to say that. today you know, certainly more than we have in the past and maybe for the first time we as board members heard sobriety accept ance and even a little bit of optimism about the current situation it's good to hear that i think some of you said these tnc's are here to stay and there's sort of two fronts going on and you are pushed back against them and one is this effort towards regulatory alignment and that's going on and as mr. gruberg said a lot of that is out of our hands and a lot of it is competitive alignment and
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let me start with a mandate that all -- i didn't mean to force you to take responsibility for this i was one of the proponents i thought that the private ap sector could fill the void and seems that they have come close and i'd like now to have a regulation coming from this board board to the industry soon before my kids dress up for for halloween if possible, that mandates that all cabs be ap enabled and on an ap that services a very large number i'll let the regulators pick the number, of cabs and basic follow up which should be fees should be feasible electronically that people are actually using them and not a phantom sign up and making sure
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all of our in coming drivers know how to use these aps and fully understand the benefit this will have for them. the ap will solve the credit card problem problem and not only will that give our customers a better payment option which we know is what they want, as i've been saying for a long time it will enhance the safety of our drivers as this becomes a cash less business you will be less likely to be robbed or held up and that is a really really good thing and not only would an ap solve all these response problems and all that i should say the ap will solve the payment problems if people know about it there has been clever ads about fly wheel and this and that the second thing i would request -- this doesn't need to be a regulation or
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rule but i'd like a report back to this board if possible before the the end of the year on what our current advertising efforts and plans are and i'd urge that these advertising efforts not just be focussed on letting folks know fly wheel curb exists but actually documenting how they are doing telling folks the response rate information we have from our partners in the industry and showing people how large the fleet is so that people realize there's a really large fleet there to leverage and i think we should commit m u.n. i resources to that whether that be bus signs or whatever available advertising resources we have this is part of our fleet and advertise it just like public safety and that sort of thing and finally i think we need to look at what
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regulations we can relax to allow that industry to compete better. for as long as i've been doing this, and i know exactly how long because i was at tapped for the taxi commission the day after my son was born and he is now 8, i've been urging that we give the taxi companies flexibility in their pricing my idea 7 years ago was to dispatch premiums during peak times they could do voluntarily with their customers maybe that's the answer maybe it's not maybe it's one of many answers we have to make the pricing flexibility available to the companies particularly if we're going to do it on a voluntarily basis our residents should be able to pick pricing flexibility if that's what they want and if we approve them i
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think that that might be the best way to again allow our companies the flexibility to better serve our customers it's only going to work if the customers want it and right now inhibiting competition and customer service and i'd like by the end of the year if possible i realize you have a lot on your plate a proposal at least in procedure how we'd entertain that we could then consider and grant so those are my three requests coming out of this. number 1, a rule on aps with a follow up on monitoring and training, 2, a report on how we're going to advertise not just for the sake of the taxi industry but for the sake of the of the people we serve if we let people know there's there's a service out there it will increase efficiency in the system and a procedure for
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improving pricing and other regulatory flexibility that the taxi companies want. >> i would agree thank you. >> director lee anything else? >> clarification, i'm not familiar with fly wheel. they take the order at order put it on the person's credit card? what's the fee they charge? >> yes. >> do you feel qualified to answer that question considering you are not a fly wheel -- employee? >> i am sure i will be corrected if i get it wrong i have the support of the industry behind me i believe it's a dollar correct? >> a dollar for the customer. and your question was pertaining to the customer, right? >> yeah how about for the driver? >> for the driver i believe
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it's 10 percent of the trip. >> which includes credit card processing. >> what about the credit card units in the vehicles what's the rate charged on that? 3 and a half? >> 3 and a half. >> 6 and a half percent charge. >> okay. >> does that answer your question. >> anything else. >> i one i wanted to clarify my comments i meant to say the status quo i meant was the way to calling in a cab or ride these days that's just the way i do it, that's what i meant to to convey so i apologize for not being more clear on that i really love the idea putting resources towards marketing fly wheel i'd love to wheel i'd love to see it on the side of a
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cab or buses but something saying you can find a cab on fly wheel and you can pay with your credit card for a lot of folks knowing that would really build a lot of faith and a lot more ridership which we all want to see. >> i do want to caution -- obviously the majority of our taxis are on one service supporting that makes sense at the same time fly wheel is a private company and my point is that i think we should look at how we support the universe of aps to the extent they are that they exist as opposed to favoring one particular -- >> the majority of our cabs are on two aps so we should probably be promoting those 2 apps and if there's others coming into play promoting
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those as well. >> can . >> did you get the feedback you wanted any follow up questions you have for the board. >> we've given you a the a lot of feedback you are good to go. >> i think i'm clear. >> thank you very much anything that you would like clarification on. >> no i'm very clear i took a lot of notes all the comments i appreciate it. >> thank you all for taking the time to come down we do appreciate it and hopefully continue to move forward and i'll echo what director heinicke said i think there's optimism and when we do work together we can to a certain extent not beat them at their own game but become competitive with these ap based services and i believe -- >> you have item 13 approve the agreement with security for a
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total contract amount for a term ending march 21st st 2015 and prevailing wages for the and issue a request of proposal for security services no members of the public have expressed an interest in addressing you on this matter. >> is everybody -- >> i told you so [laughter]. >> the whole thing is mad ening . >> i think clearly director heinicke gave the other contract or cold feet [laughter] . >> putting it back to me huh. >> the the short story is that following our recommendation of
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award, the contractor flew up here last week and told us that they were no longer interested and wanted to withdraw so it is mad ening and it's it's to give us time to do a competitive process and also considering asking the board of supervisors to give us the ability to add some requirements into our rfp that currently aren't allowed by law related to prevailing wages and transition issues which were some some of the issues we saw come up in this i'm not sure whether we're going to to do that or not and then of course authorizing me to go ahead and issue that rfp last time we did an violation an invitation for bids and this time i think we
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felt in in hindsight probably better to do with an rfp and hopefully getting to a better result so with your approval of this going to the board of supervisors introduced today actually at the board of supervisors and hopefully able to get to the budget and finance committee by next wednesday so we don't need to have a gap in service and come back to you sometime early 2015 with a a recommendation for a new contractor. >> is it our understanding that u.s. security or whatever its subsidiary realized they couldn't make it work with the numbers with the collective bargaining agreement . >> we were hearing different things from the time we were
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here 2 weeks ago up until last wednesday when they told us they were withdrawing i don't want to speculate i think my understanding is they had a leadership change in their company company from the time of when they submitted the bid versus when it was time to close the deal i don't know if that had something to do with it suffice to say that you know, we weren't in a position to try to try to force them to do business with us for whatever reasons. >> public comment. >> there is no public comment. >> motion to approve? all in favor? aye. >> ayes have it and madam chair that concludes the business before you the meeting is adjourned thank you all very much. >>
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>> the health commission will come to order and will call the roll. >> commissioner singer? >> he is here. >> commissioner pating? >> here. >> commissioner taylor-mcghee i am sorry that i missed you >> present. >> commissioner chow. >> present. >> commissioner chung? >> present. >> and commissioner karshmer. >> present. >> and i believe that the commission are going to do the introductions. and there will not be a roll call from the commission on the status of women. >> we are going to do the introductions. >> oh, yes and the introductions sorry, and before that, i would like to welcome, dr. david peting to our commission, this is his first formal commission meeting after appointment in august. [ applause ]
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>> with that, i think that as to become acquainted with each other, we are asking each one to at least speak briefly on who they are, and so that the other commissioners for the fellow commission will be understanding of who they are sitting next to. >> and who will be speaking. let me start from my right to left. commissioner singer? >> hi, dave singer. and an entrepreneur and invest or and i have been on the commission for about a year and change. >> and all of my work is in healthcare. >> and commissioner taylor-mcghee? >> bele taylor-mcghee and i am a consultant, for the communication and policy and i am also on the national steering committee to bring over the counter access to all conception free the pill.
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>> and i am david pating and i am a psychiatrist and chief, and look forward to being on the commission as representing the behavior health influences on public health but also, looking after the public health of all of san francisco. >> thank you. and i have been on the commission since 1989. and i am an internist in san francisco. >> and commissioners? >> good afternoon, i am cecilia chung and i am the senior (inaudible) of the law center and i am also a member of the (inaudible) advisory council in hiv and aids and, nationally and i do a lot of efficacy work around health and rights. and for people who are doing hiv and has a very like, strong community focus, in my policy advocacy work.
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>> and i am judy karshmer and i have been on the health commission for about a year and a half and i am delighted to be part of this. >> thank you. >> and commissioner would you like to call your commission? >> sure. >> i think that we are not calling our commission to order, we do not need to do a roll call, if not, i will start, my name is nancy kirshner-rodriguez and i am president on the status of women and my day job is now executive director of the california commission on the status of women and girls and so i am excited to hear that there are colleagues on the commission that also have state roles. for pat nering in that and i have served on this commission for three and a half years now. president shorter? >> great. >> and good evening, everyone.
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and i am andrea shorter and i am the vice president on the commission on the status of women and i have been on the commission for about 14 years now. so, i am the senior linking member of the commission and it is a pleasure to be here, and to see some new face and in new and friendly, faces and i just want to acknowledge three very key people that are with us today. and as far as the history of this commission, and we have roma guy who is the former commissioner of this commission, and one of the women that helped to make this commission possible. many years ago. and we also have sonia (inaudible) who is the former director on the commission of the department of the status of women and also, former commissioner here to help the commission and then we certainly have taylor-mcghee who did not mention that she is a former member on the status
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of women and as you can see we have a rich and wealthy history of women and it is part to be the history. >> thank you, good afternoon, everyone and it is a pleasure to be here and i am julie, soo, and i am the pas president on the status of women and i am a senior on the counsel of department of insurance and a former mathematician and went to law school to work on healthcare reform. and still it is a big undertaking and so i expect in high school i will be coming upon my 40th reunion and sometimes, and in six years. and i also sit on the board of the saint francis memorial hospital and my passion is (inaudible) appropriate out reach on out service and social services and i am also an executive board member of the
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california democratic party and co-chair of the committee for about six years. and i am a fourth generation san franciscan, and so i am very passionate about keeping my city great and making our city great. >> commissioner gamez? >> my name is alicia gamez and i am a commissioner on the status of women and i have had the pleasure of serving for about three and a half years. and in my day job and i am an attorney and i practice in the areas of tax and trust and state planning and litigation, and i am a current board member of the san francisco bar association, and i am a chair of the trust and states litigation section of the bar association. and also on their tax executive committee. i am in my prior career, i was an academic and i moved out here and earned a phd at
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stanford which i carried forward, in my training and ethnic studies and women and gender studies which i have had the pleasure of applying here during my tenure as a commission on the status of women. and i am, it is with great pleasure that i attend this joint commission meeting. commissioner jung? >> hi, i am mary jung and i served on the commission for two years, and my day job i am the director of government and community affairs for the association of realtors small business people who try to help people to get the dream of home ownership, and i am the chair of the democratic party. >> and commissioner ackerman. >> i have been on the commission for a year and i am a former deputy attorney for san francisco and did work with the health department, and i am
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very excited to be here. and i am an attorney, and my day job, i now work in public health. policy and legal work related to chronic disease prevention, and primarily obesity but i do a little tobacco too, so it is fun to be here. >> thank you. >> and everything else that you would like to say? >> well, yes, first, thank you, we certainly are pleased and welcome the commission on the status of women, and it is clear, that many of our issues overlap, and also, it looks like many of our personnel overlap. and we generally see it, because at least half of whom we should be taking care of are women. and so, our commission is looking forward to understanding your perspective on what women are receiving today, and in our health system
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and what our city should be doing to continue to improve the health of our population. and so, again, welcome to our chamber and we look forward to a productive evening. >> i just want to add, i guess one thing. for the commission on the status of women, this is, i believe, our third joint commission meeting that we have held, we have also held a joint commission meeting in the past year and a half with the police commission and with the small business commission. and i know that several of our members definitely myself included, would like to express that in keeping with the other objectives that 50 percent of our population, of course is women, and we are finding that these joint commission meetings are particularly useful in informing our work going forward together, and also as a commission and a department and so we want to thank you for all
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of the work that has gone into putting this together and we are looking forward to a great dialogue. >> thank you. >> we can go on to the next item,. >> yes, and commissioners before we announce the resolutions that are coming forward, resolution a, and b, will be voted on by both commissions, but separately, and so we will call the vote and the third resolution will be voted on by the commission of the status of women for the public. >> if on your commission you need to accept? >> could i have a motion to approve the meeting agenda? >> motion to approve the meet ago again da. >> is there a second. >> second. >> and all of those in favor. >> aye. >> recognizing the
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contributions of roma guy. >> i believe that everyone has a copy of this in the book and i would like to ask any commissioners that would like to speak, personally on and i would like to call her for her incredible legacy across the organization and in the support of many individuals as well, many of whom that i believe that we all call friends.
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>> can we put the resolution on the table first for both parties? and i would move the resolution on behalf of the health commission. >> okay. >> and is there a second to that? >> and there is a second. >> great. >> go ahead. >> and i move it. >> for the commission on the status of women. >> okay. >> is there a second? >> a second. >> and okay. so we will receive the comments, and if i could, i want to thank all of the commissioners to be here today and but particularly to roma guy and roma has been an
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incredible leader in our department and the mentoring for the staff, and how much you are and how special you are to the health department and to many of the staff and the executive staff, particularly of the health department and thank you so much for all of your service and your commitment to the community. and the woman's community, particularly. >> and i'm emily murase on the director of the status of women and pleased to be here as a guest of the health commission and i want to say that roma guy is a giant in the woman's movement here in san francisco and she has been a part of every major initiative from the woman's foundation to the woman's building, and we owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude and i had the privilege of serving her on the community board on the state school of social work which offers the steady supply of the graduate interns for our office and it has been a pleasure working with her and i can't
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think of a better way to acknowledge her here than at this joint commission. >> and i am here on behalf of our commission and we are more than pleased to be able to again, recognize commissioner guy, her work, and most were not here, at the time, on the commission, and for the i would say, the first strategic plan to be put forth as the pioneer effort and the fact that we needed one, and she has also serviced on the major committees and of the mayor on behalf of our health commission, and on behalf of city government. and so, all of way from also, the challenges dealing with the southerner and the saint lukes issues to even our, to even the planning for the campos initiative and all, she has
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been in every one of our major initiatives over these last two decades, i think that the commission has been fortunate, to have her formally as a member of the commission, and to have her, informally, then in or on her own, continue to benefit, to the city, and benefit us, with her wisdom. and so, the commission thanks you, very much. >> commissioner i would like to say something. >> thank you very much. i am having pleased to support this resolution, for roma she was one of the first persons to reach out to me when i came to san francisco. she has had a eye on woman's rights and issues and i applaud her for that and admire her for her service. >> thank you. >> i would like to ju


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